In a world born of ancient sorcery
Will you become the hero of legend or the harbinger of destruction?
The choice is yours in the unique, persistent worlds of Ultima Online.

Play For Free

No hidden fees or micropayments here. Embark on exciting journeys with other players as you forge friendships and alliances. We'll be here, providing world-class game management, support, and content updates along the way.

Who Will You Be

You don't just play UO; you live it! Paladin, bard, ninja, necromancer, mage, shop owner, craftsperson, or even an assasin. Who will you be? With over fifty skills to develop, you're free to create your own destiny.

Game Your Way

Within a sandbox environment that continues even when you've logged off. Whether you build a home or shop, explore vast oceans and massive dungeons, or find your calling in the roleplay community, there's something for everyone.

Your Choice Of Worlds
To Call Home

Further Adventures
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