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Dec 30, 2018
It would be Nice if we had like a portal in Town(Brit) near bank where you go through and get teleported to a open square space with small stalls like a flee market where players can pay and occupy a small square space with a table to sell goods rather than to run and try find their houses.

Or are there already sumthing like that which i am just missing ingame?
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theres alot of that on other free servers. the price to set up shop is usually astronomical. sometimes vendor searching is a pain for sure, BUT knowing where reputable vendor houses are located and getting to them can be an adventure all its own.

perhaps a directory created of available vendor houses and posted on the forum with coordinates, a pic, and a map view pic for reference.?? just an idea.
Just a thought, but would it be cool to have a centralized vendor marketplace in a city like Brit? I'd love to design something like that! It also sticks with the concept of cities (or a city) being a central focus for commerce and trade. One place where everyone goes and kind of forces safe interaction, might bolster community and much more.... In spirit with PoV too.
This is basically what happened with the opening of Luna, Malas in prod Ultima Online and it destroyed the individuality of the cities. We lost players, who through their player styles and role play, aligned themselves with particular cities. While it created a 'one stop shop' it made other areas obsolete.

This would break the fundamental expectations of worlds such as FC, and POV especially.

We would encourage players to build their own towns, and vendors to accomplish such a feat. Yes, I know that will be easier when there are more players.

To that end, February will mark the beginning of our focused advertising campaigns. In the interim, we encourage people who enjoy playing our servers, and who align with our vision to feel free to self promote in whichever way they feel may benefit to the overall success of our efforts.
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actually, we were discussing promoting the server today, but havent hashed out a plan. once we do, may want to query you about it!
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