Is there any interest in a 'classifieds' for item buy/sell/trade/for free listings??

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Oct 1, 2022
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I've had it on the back burner as something to turn on when the servers and community begin to grow, but I also wanted to get a little pulse on the feel for it from our current players?

Discord comments can easily go by the wayside and get lost. Forum content can too, but only if and when the forums are actually busy.

Implementing an actual classifieds section for the servers, as mentioned in the title, would do a few extra things though -- one of my favorites is it would allow to feedback ratings on a seller and buyers transaction history. That could be a benefit on a busy server(s) -- where people are dealing with strangers and want to make sure they are legit for that trade.

Anyway... feel free to up vote or down vote the idea, share your thoughts or reactions. I will be paying most attention to the vote rankings.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!
soo i like this idea but id like to see how you invent the good trader who people who wont fuck you over id make a tag for discord if they get get soo amy goo referals some how they get verfied trader discord tag meaning these people are legit wont fuck you over

I like that idea; I'll have to look and see if there's a way I can use feedback that's left from the Classifieds to modify user groups -- cause that would be a good way to deter people from acting up, since they'd be called out for it everywhere including in Discord.

I think it's a great idea when we have more players; although I know people like their Discord... but there are some perks to having it online in a classified and/or auction-based system.

Appreciate the feedback!
Can always use the BBS for classifieds :p All kidding aside, (or am I?), great idea imho. Can maybe tweak it to be a marketplace or something like that. Can advertise vendor locations, in-stock items and all that jazz. Could be fun and a real asset down the road.

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