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    Ban appeals are reviewed in a timely fashion and we may respond with requests for more clarification.

    When submitting your appeal please be as thorough as possible and include supporting files whenever available.

    Please do not spam for a response. We will respond as soon as we've had the time to review your submission.

    Do not ask about other members. We do not discuss bans, reports of members or actions taken with anyone other than the member in question.

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    The festive season brings joy but also its share of challenges. In the midst of these bustling times, it's important to remember to care for ourselves. Even in a world of epic quests, the journey of self-care matters.

    Whether you're facing dragons or deadlines, taking a moment to breathe and relax is crucial. Remember, it's perfectly okay to step back for a bit of peace or to seek support when the need arises.

    In our realm, every member is valued, and we stand together in both celebration and support. So, as we traverse these lands, let's keep an eye out for one another.

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