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  1. Naxious

    Templates FC

    ABC Archer Template:
  2. Naxious

    Templates FC

    The skill cap is currently set to 910, this results in allowing some more expansive skill sets. I've worked out some decent templates that cover a good range of things, I'll share them here, although would love to see others templates/ideas etc.. for character builds: T-Hunter: Pure Gathering...
  3. Naxious

    Account wide balance

    You might be right... lol
  4. Naxious

    Account wide balance

    It is my understanding we are limited to only 1 account. So in this case, I would suggest that we have the gold balance shared across all characters. OR A check/balance book.. that gold can be added to/withdrawn from that is account bound. The ledger book could also be a great place to hold...
  5. Naxious


    Hey, Hello, and Hi. I'm a life long UO player, started when I was 10 back in 98... Fond memories of scamming people out of items at the bank, or robbing their houses by hiding and stealing goods when they would unlock them hah! I was a mischievous little brat, with an eagerness to prevail in...

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