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  1. Corp Por This

    Moongate Update

    In response to player feedback the following changes have been made to the Moongate system: Players may now travel by gump selection to gates within the facet they are currently located in. Please visit the below thread to share your thoughts and cast your vote on the Moongate system --...
  2. Corp Por This

    Congrats Alex you've won {3}

    Congrats on your win, @Alex, and welcome back from vacation! ❤️
  3. Corp Por This

    Your Opinion Please: Let's discuss moongates!

    I've seen from reviewing comments on Discord, and from direct conversations with players that there is a growing frustration with our current moongate system. I want to assure everyone that when we hear concerns about a major gameplay mechanic, we're listening and take it seriously. With that...
  4. Corp Por This

    Valley of Eodon.....................

    It exists on the server, it is not yet open, but not far off.
  5. Corp Por This

    Congrats Alex you've won {3}

    @Alex I have deposited 1,000 Sovereigns to your "Alex" toon. If you have any issues, please shoot me a DM here or on Discord. Enjoy!! **Thank you to everyone who participated in our first raffle! More are on the way, so keep saving up those Nobles!**
  6. Corp Por This

    Completed User_Guide is requesting a Noble exchange

    Hey there! The 10M gold is now available to all your toons under User_Guide. I didn't explain it, so you wouldn't know. You can't use your Nobles from your team account for your player accounts online gold. No worries though, I've deducted 5 Nobles from Orion which leaves you a negative of...
  7. Corp Por This

    Congrats Alex you've won {3}

    Congrats @Alex 🫶🫶🫶 We will get those into our account today!
  8. Corp Por This

    FC NPC Vendor Mages - Spell scroll mixup!

    Just wanted to put out a heads up that it seems the NPC Mages of Faerham Citadel have been busy sneaking some ale! Spell scrolls for sale are not aligning with their advertised name. For example you purchase clumsy and walk away with create food. We’re working to have this corrected as...
  9. Corp Por This

    FIXED Client Random Crashes - FIXED

    Hey everyone! We've identified an issue (thanks @User_Guide!) that the client was randomly crashing during combat. This challenge has been identified, and fixed. A patch will be pushed out to everyone's client upon your next restart. Go live time for the patch is 9:40PM Thank you!
  10. Corp Por This

    Come help us make the community groups/guilds better!

    Guilds/Groups have had the default system member roles updated to a more functional set of options. While the default system roles cannot be modified by the guild owner, you can create your own as needed for your guild/group. Thanks!
  11. Corp Por This

    Completed Drifts is requesting a Noble exchange

    Ping me when you're on, so I can get that to you friend.
  12. Corp Por This

    The UORealms logo pin has arrived!

    The back is black with two pins. :)
  13. Corp Por This

    The UORealms logo pin has arrived!

    For the pin? Well you can ask @Lord Oribron in a few days, because he'll have it in person. It's a 2"x2" die cut very detailed pin. I want to say it's a metal backing but I cannot tell personally -- I cannot bend it or break it -- it's double clutch which means two pins to hold its weight...
  14. Corp Por This

    The UORealms logo pin has arrived!

    I don’t understand your post.
  15. Corp Por This

    The UORealms logo pin has arrived!

    When you purchase our pin not only are you getting 1,000 Sovereigns, but you’re helping to support and promote UORealms. I encourage everyone to consider that purchase and if you do to please not only leave a review for the product, but also leave an unboxing video in the #show-n-tell channel...
  16. Corp Por This

    File verifier

    And that’s an entirely sensible solution and one that is common in many, if not most, IPLs like ours. Unfortunately, we - at least at this time - will not be adding EasyUO in, but I have recently found a discord/forum for Razor Enhanced scripting and once I can get around to it will publish a...
  17. Corp Por This

    client patcher and repair file verifier

    Please refer to your post in the suggestions for Faerham Citadel as a response to this post as well. Because a thread exists in Faerham Citadel, which due to the nature of how our IPL works impacts both FC and POV - I am going to close this thread as redundant. We appreciate you @Corum Silverhand
  18. Corp Por This

    File verifier

    I agree with @Karmageddon's post. Not saying that you are doing that, however, we've had various challenges with players who want to modify or circumvent our IPL to utilize their own chosen assistants and such. Quickly noted, such behavior is a violation of our TOS and COD. In allowing...
  19. Corp Por This

    With pirate sails unfurled lately........

    We’re more than poised with the proper team to manage an implementation such as what @Corum Silverhand has suggested. I like the idea and will be discussing it in more detail with our player and server teams. You may not see your exact vision play out, but I foresee a surprise down the road...

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