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The Sosarian Empire
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The Sosarian Empire is an old guild known as TSE. We were created on Hybrid and then moved to UOF. TSE was created for players who wanted to learn the game and have a group of people to work beside with.

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Player Vendor Area

It would be Nice if we had like a portal in Town(Brit) near bank where you go through and get teleported to a open square space with small stalls like a flee market where players can pay and occupy a small square space with a table to sell goods rather than to run and try find their houses.

Or are there already sumthing like that which i am just missing ingame?

Templates FC

The skill cap is currently set to 910, this results in allowing some more expansive skill sets.
I've worked out some decent templates that cover a good range of things, I'll share them here, although would love to see others templates/ideas etc.. for character builds:


Pure Gathering character:


Generalist, that can get into and do most things... but does not excel at any one specific thing:

Sampire Template:

  • Suggestion
Is there any interest in a 'classifieds' for item buy/sell/trade/for free listings??

I've had it on the back burner as something to turn on when the servers and community begin to grow, but I also wanted to get a little pulse on the feel for it from our current players?

Discord comments can easily go by the wayside and get lost. Forum content can too, but only if and when the forums are actually busy.

Implementing an actual classifieds section for the servers, as mentioned in the title, would do a few extra things though -- one of my favorites is it would allow to feedback ratings on a seller and buyers transaction history. That could be a benefit on a busy server(s) -- where people are dealing with strangers and want to make sure they are legit for that trade.

Anyway... feel free to up vote or down vote the idea, share your thoughts or reactions. I will be paying most attention to the vote rankings.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

Start Area New Haven

When you start a character, you start in New Haven in front of the bank.
Don't rush to go anywhere, all your skill trainers are here to get you started.
there are training chests for the "loose finger" people, training dummies' with bells and whistle's, Stealth , hiding, necro, and all.
There is slightly more animals in the surroundings for the adventurers and Old Haven is full of skeletons and baddies to get you started.
Do the quests, get rewards and get ready for your life in Ultima, and have FUN.

  • Suggestion
mobile for anvil

Idk if you guys would be ok with this but id liek to see moible forge that has charges and sues one charge per ore you smelt you could add it by doing quest and than having a monster drop regeant or item for the forge mabey sell it on tokens or nobles could allso make it event drop for the forge reagent and item can still drop off of mob to restore charges

Official Policy on AFK Macroing in Ultima Online

Hey friends,

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz on Discord about AFK macroing, and we want to clear things up. We know that part of gaming is needing to dash off now and then, but we also care deeply about the fair play and integrity of our world.

Here's the straight talk: We're not officially okay with AFK macroing. It can throw off the balance and fairness we're all about. But, we're not going to go full detective mode on it either. We're all about that middle ground where you can take care of real-life stuff without feeling like you have to camp at your desk.

Our moderation strategy is simple. If there's a report or one of our team members spots potential AFK macroing during their rounds, they'll reach out to the player—up to three times. No answer? The character gets a free trip to the nearest inn and will be logged out safely.

We're not in the business of handing out heavy penalties for an initial oversight. Our priority is to maintain a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all players. With that in mind, we do ask that you stay alert to your in-game surroundings, as we may pop in to check on your character now and then.

Should you have any questions or need clarification on this policy, feel free to reach out. We're here to help.

Thanks for helping us keep our Ultima Online servers a fair playground for all our adventurers.

See you in the game,

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  • Suggestion
Bulk selling and Smelting

  1. -i think ppl dont realy need 3rd party launchers. but they do need QOL. for instance bulk selling a item you have 10000 in your backpack. (scrolling and clicking to sell the same item is kinda tedious) -Crafters need a way to bulk re-smelt items crafted.

  2. The ingame macro system is good enough if scripting is frowned upon... for me at least. its just not capable of doing the above mentioned as far as ive tested.

🎮 Hey Gamers, Let's Level Up Our Community! 🎮

Imagine our community, but with even more energy and your friends adding to the mix. Bring them on board, and every friend who gets active scores you 4 Nobles. And trust me, those Nobles? They add up – unlocking cool raffles and some sweet loot in our rewards zone.

🌟 Just our way of saying, "You're awesome!" for sharing the love and making this space even more epic.

Ready to roll? Just hit the link below or scope out your "Referral Links" on the dashboard. Easy peasy!

🔗 Bring Your Pals & Earn! 🔗

  • Suggestion
High level mages can do rituals to improve items

So in TFR shard, one could do a ritual along with other mages (the more intel and mana everyone contributed to the ritual the better success and higher success you would have) you would need to wear a specific robe and gnarled staff, then have a macro that played in sequence specific words that would lead to a specific enhancement of an items. Like you could make something cause elemental damage, then do another ritual to add a stat like Dex, and another ritual to increase piercing damage or increase attack speed as example...

THis could be done on any item wearable...

Made the game more interesting for Mages and a good way to get in gold.

GM items could not be improved..

  • Suggestion
Looted GM armour and weapons should be better than craftable items

Grand Master armour and weapons (looted) can be upgraded through a crafter to increase items quality, and should always be better than crafted items.

This will keep hunting fun and active. And increases the price to buy these types of items as they would be rare.

And the higher the quality after months of repairs the better they are and the more they sell for.

Just my suggestion

Halloween tis right around the corner

I'm thinking, and yes, I may think too much; for my own good...

We are about to launch UORealms and what better time than a fun Halloween event/special/in-game raffle!?! We have all been waiting to just have some fun within a game of UO where most of us know exactly how things run, but at the same time we full on invite new players for the great fun as well! I am thinking once we get it all running, I would love nothing more to run some interesting and fun events for this time of year to get us all in that Ultima Online spirit to simply to find our way to enjoy a very interesting game whilst creating friendships to help each other out!

The Sosarian Empire

The Sosarian Empire is recruiting all levels of players! TSE is an old guild that we created back on Hybrid one of the first largest UO servers to come out in the early 2000s. I am one of its former leaders and would like to recreate the TSE guild right here on UOREALMS! As a guild we do quite a variety of things, our only rule is no pks, we do not take kindly to players who decide they have to attack players and take their loot without putting in the work themselves.
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The World Founders Era is upon us!

Hey there, my awesome friends and fellow adventurers!

Guess what? Our soft launch date is just around the corner, and we've got some seriously cool stuff in store for both our loyal members and newbies. We're talking about exclusive in-game goodies and a special spot with some extra perks in our Discord server.

The best part? Getting this done is a breeze—it's as easy as connecting your Discord account to our community. You're probably thinking, "I've got to do that anyway to hang out on your Discord."

So, if you haven't already, don't put it off any longer! Get those accounts linked, and you can do it in a jiffy. Just swing by this link: Link to Connect Accounts.

Time to get it sorted, folks! As they say, "Get 'er done!" 😉
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