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The Sosarian Empire is an old guild known as TSE. We were created on Hybrid and then moved to UOF. TSE was created for players who wanted to learn the game and have a group of people to work beside with. This group is just made in memory!
Soul Reapers
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Soul Reaper guild known as S*R started many moons ago on a different shard of this world we call Sosaria. Many have parted ways with the passing of the moons, but the guild still holds together. Always looking for new members to join the guild(family).

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Ran across this hilarious Marvel moment, and thought to myself “Yes, I can understand!”


Now this looks like some fun!

I hope I am not the only person this interests! The game is up to 6 players. Hopefully we can find 6 people who can agree on a time and day to do our first game soon!

I am so, so looking forward to doing this and getting it going for players. I think it will also help to attract new people to our community, and it will (without question) cause a lot of laughs, and fun.

Currently working on badges people can win for their participation in the game(s).

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    I hope I am not the only person this interests! The game is up to 6 players. Hopefully we can find 6 people who can agree on a time and...
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    Welcome to "Use Your Words" Game Night! 🎉(Rules, How To Play, and All THAT Kinda Stuff!! 🙄)

    Hey there, word wizards and pun masters! Ready to dive into a world where your wit is your weapon and laughter is the ultimate aphrodisiac? Then buckle up, buttercup, because "Use Your Words" is here to turn your clever quips into a night of unforgettable fun!

    How to Play​

    Basic Rules

    "Use Your Words" is a game where your smartphone or tablet becomes your ticket to hilarity! Together, with 3-6 players get ready for 7 rounds of pure comedic gold known as “Party Matches.”

    1. Write or Decoy? Every round, you’ll get a prompt. Choose to write your own punchline or hit the HOUSE DECOY button to use one of our pre-written zingers. Just remember, size matters... in humor, of course!

    2. Vote Wisely! Once all answers are in, vote for your favorite. But beware—if you fall for a house answer, you lose 250 points.

    3. Points, Points, Points! Original answers snag 1,000 points per vote. House decoys? They earn 500 points per vote. It’s not the size of the points, but how you use them.

    4. Lightning Round! In the final round, point values double, so bring your A-game. Time to show who’s the real daddy of wordplay.

    5. Crowning the Winner: The player with the most points at the end of the lightning round takes home the glory—and maybe some cheeky bragging rights!
    House Answers & Decoys

    Every round, we sneak in a house answer to keep things spicy. Vote for it, and you lose points. If you’re feeling lazy or strategic, use a HOUSE DECOY, and watch as it rakes in points (but don’t get caught!).


    You’ve got 75 seconds to come up with your answer in the first 6 rounds, starting when the first answer is in. In the lightning round, it’s 60 seconds. And if “Let’s Play Mode” is on (which it almost ALWAYS will be!), we give you an extra 30 seconds to account for streaming lag. No answer before time’s up? A house decoy it is! Don’t be a tease—get that punchline in quick.

    Getting Started​

    When we're ready to host a game, players will use their browser, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device with a browser and navigate to www.wordsgame.lol and enter the on-screen code (or code and password provided to you by your UORealms Game Host) to join the game. Once the minimum number of players (based on how busy game night is) joins (3 to 6), the game will begin! If you miss out on being able to play, you can join others as a spectator by joining in spectator mode and wait for the next game to start!

    While the community is still growing, game nights will likely be a bit sporadic but they're still going to happen. As the game becomes more popular, we will tap UORealms DJs, Team Members, and - at times - special guests to be your Game Host of Honor (like the sound of that?! We do!) to guide you through the game and keep track of the winners, and not-so-winners.

    Spice It Up​

    We like to keep things fresh, so expect different flavors of "Use Your Words" experiences: laugh, cringe, offend, cry, cheer but no prize, games with prizes for the winners, and tournament games where the player with the most wins out of the tournament games gets a prize. Don’t just play for the prizes, sweeties, play to flex your wordsmith muscle, make others laugh, and horrify your friends!

    Prize Nights & Eligibility​

    For players to take part in game nights where prizes are being awarded, you MUST be a member of the UORealms website (where you’re reading this, likely, located at UORealms) and have linked your website account to your Discord account (Link Accounts). This is a requirement and failure to do so is no bueno!

    Need Help?​

    If you run into any problems, tap any UORealms team member for assistance, or open a support ticket at Support. We're here to ensure your night is smooth and satisfying.

    So what are you waiting for? Grab your device, gather your friends, and get ready to use your words! Let the hilarity ensue and may the best quip win! And remember, it’s not just about winning—it’s about making everyone else laugh so hard they snort their drink.

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    https://uorealms.com/radio.html Live DJ on now...ME
  • Corp Por This
    So many sing, dance, act and play instrument
  • Archaaz
    Greetings, adventurers! We are thrilled to announce a monumental update to our Paths of Virtue Ultima Online server. Our diligent server...
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    Using UOSteam Scripts with Razor Enhanced

    Attention, adventurers! We have an important update regarding third-party assistance programs on our Ultima Online servers at UORealms.

    While UOSteam has never been allowed on our servers, we understand that many of you have used it on other Ultima Online servers and have valuable scripts you’d like to continue using. We are pleased to inform you that Razor Enhanced, which is included in our client downloads, allows you to use your UOSteam scripts seamlessly.

    How to Use UOSteam Scripts in Razor Enhanced​

    Razor Enhanced is a powerful and versatile tool that not only offers its own scripting capabilities but also supports the integration of UOSteam scripts. Here’s how you can make the transition:

    1. Included in Client Downloads: Razor Enhanced comes pre-included in our UORealms client downloads, so you don't need to download it separately.
    2. Import UOSteam Scripts: Razor Enhanced allows you to import your existing UOSteam scripts. Simply copy your UOSteam script files and load them into Razor Enhanced.
    3. Script Compatibility: Most UOSteam scripts should work without any issues in Razor Enhanced. However, you may need to make minor adjustments to ensure full compatibility.
    4. Explore Razor Enhanced Features: Take advantage of the additional features and capabilities offered by Razor Enhanced to enhance your gameplay experience.


    Why Use Razor Enhanced?​

    Razor Enhanced is our only approved third-party assistance program and offers a host of features that make it a superior choice for your scripting needs:

    • User-Friendly Interface: Razor Enhanced provides an intuitive interface that makes managing scripts easy.
    • Advanced Scripting: With enhanced scripting capabilities, you can create more complex and efficient scripts.
    • Active Development: Razor Enhanced is continuously updated and improved, ensuring you have access to the latest features and bug fixes.

    Need Help?​

    While we don't actively assist with scripting, we encourage you to reach out to our player community through the forums or Discord. Our community is always willing to help fellow adventurers. Additionally, for direct support with Razor Enhanced, you can join their Discord channel.

    Don’t let the lack of direct UOSteam support stop you from enjoying our Ultima Online servers. By using Razor Enhanced, you can continue to utilize your favorite UOSteam scripts and take advantage of its powerful features.

    Happy adventuring!

    Patch Update: Major Enhancements to the Paths of Virtue Server!

    Greetings, adventurers! We are thrilled to announce a monumental update to our Paths of Virtue Ultima Online server. Our diligent server owner, Archaaz, has been tirelessly crafting new skills, systems, hues, stains, and tools, transforming Ultima Online into an immersive experience that even the most seasoned veterans will find captivating. Now, he has taken it a step further with a groundbreaking feature that brings your characters to life with unparalleled customization: Character Portraits.

    Character Portraits​

    With over 400 portraits to choose from, spanning a diverse range of ethnicities and classes, every player can showcase a deeper sense of their character's identity. This level of customization, along with the unique systems and mobs created by @Archaaz ’s boundless imagination, makes Paths of Virtue a truly unique and wondrous gaming experience, setting it apart from any other Ultima Online server.


    New Systems Introduced:​


    Foraging utilizes the Tracking skill, allowing players to harvest resources from various forageable nodes that spawn randomly across the mainland and some dungeons. These nodes, which highlight yellow, can include plants, trees, nests, animal burrows, mineral deposits, and more. A sickle purchased from a Herbalist, Provisioner, Ranger, or Blacksmith is required to begin foraging.

    Dyeing and Staining​

    Our new Dyeing and Staining system uses the Alchemy skill to create special dyes and furniture stains. To practice, a character must be a grandmaster Alchemist and purchase "Mastering Alchemical Dyes" from an Alchemist. Tools can also be bought from an Alchemist, and each dye and stain has 5 charges.

    Furniture Finishing​

    This new subskill, using Carpentry, allows players to craft stainable furniture with logs obtained from high-level Lumberjacking. A grandmaster Carpenter needs "The Craft of Furniture Finishing" book from a Carpenter to learn this skill. Tools and stainable logs can be purchased or harvested accordingly.


    Utilizing Cartography, players can create various paintings with paints, frames, and canvases. Paintbrushes and paints are available from Cartographers or Master Artists, while frames and canvases require Carpentry and Bookbinding respectively.


    Expanded and reorganized, this subskill uses Tailoring. A grandmaster Tailor must purchase "Practical Taxidermy" from a Tailor, Tanner, or Leatherworker to learn this skill. Kits can also be bought from these vendors.


    New items have been added to Weaving, which uses Tailoring. A grandmaster Tailor needs "Threads of Fate: Weaving Made Easy" from a Weaver. Knitting needles, the tool for Weaving, can also be purchased from a Weaver.


    Expanded to include new books and canvases for Painting, this subskill uses Tailoring. A grandmaster Tailor needs "The Bookbinder’s Handbook" from a Scribe or Bookseller. Tools and sealing wax can be crafted or purchased.


    A few new items have been added to Waxcrafting, which uses Alchemy. Grandmaster Alchemists need "Waxcrafting for Dummies" from an Alchemist to learn this skill.


    As in the original UO, a grandmaster Alchemist must purchase "The Art of Glassblowing" from an Alchemist to learn this subskill.


    Several new craftable items, including busts and statues, have been added to Masonry. A grandmaster Carpenter needs "The Art of Stonecrafting" from a Carpenter or Mason to learn this skill.


    A new Leatherworking Kit tool has been added to make the process more convenient. This skill uses Tailoring and the Stretching Hide tool.


    This skill, which uses Carpentry to craft barrels, now includes tools like the Scorp, Draw Knife, and Drill, available from Carpenters.

    Sand Mining and Stone Cutting​

    As in the original UO, grandmaster miners can learn these skills by purchasing respective books from a Miner or Glassblower/Mason.

    Additional Updates​

    Mob Drops​

    We have expanded mob resources and drops, now requiring players to skin mob corpses to harvest items. This system will continue to evolve over time.


    New types of gemstones have been added as bonus resources for mining, available based on skill level.

    Blacksmith and Carpentry Tools​

    Crafting now requires players to set the resource in the crafting menu by calibrating tools via a single-click option.

    We hope you enjoy these exciting updates and enhancements. Dive in, explore the new systems, and bring your characters to life like never before. Happy adventuring!

    Gathering Tools.pngCrafting Tools.png

    Dye Hues.png8_Fishing_Resources.png


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    Patch Update: Master of Legendary Skills Is Now Available!

    Hail adventurers! @Karmageddon has pushed a new feature to the server for your enjoyment:

    We’re excited to introduce a new feature for our players: the Master of Legendary Skills! This NPC offers an exciting way to earn powerscrolls by completing various tasks, providing a great alternative to champ spawns, especially for solo players. You can find this NPC wandering through Britain in Trammel, we suggest you look near the banks. ;)


    Eligibility for Tasks​

    To participate, players need to meet the following requirements:

    • Skill Limitation: You can only receive tasks for skills that aren't already capped at 120.
    • Skill Mastery: You must be maxed out in the skill for which you want to receive a task.
    • Task Limitation: Only one task can be active at a time.

    Task Details​

    • Objective: Complete the task by defeating a specified number of creatures.
    • Time Limit: There is a time limit for each task, which increases by 10 minutes with each creature killed.


    Completing the task within the time limit will reward you with a powerscroll, enabling an additional 5 levels in the skill until you reach the cap of 120. There is also a small chance to receive a stat scroll and an even smaller chance to get a reward higher than +5.

    Player Commands​

    To interact with the Master of Legendary Skills, use the following commands:

    • Add Task: Say “give task [skill name]” to request a task for a specific skill.
    • Remove Task: Say “remove task” to cancel your active task.
    This new system ensures players can continue to develop their skills and earn powerscrolls through engaging in solo activities. Enjoy and happy hunting!