• Some helpful tips for your time in the UORealms BBS:

    Once logged in, you can quickly access the games from any BBS menu by typing /go games.

    Games have the following identifiers next to their names:

    • (MP) Multi-Player
    • (SP) Single-Player
    • (SP-Tournament) Single-Player tournaments for prizes

    • You can quickly access our chat teleconference by typing /go tele from any BBS menu.

      Your welcome email on the BBS will give you more details when you log in.

      We are still adding more MUDs, text adventures, board, word and strategy games while tweaking the BBS, so please feel free to leave your feedback, suggestions and thoughts in our forums.

      This web based telnet client will automatically disconnect after six hours but can be refreshed and loaded again thereafter. We will make a downloadable and smartphone/tablet client available shortly.

  • ❄️ Winter Wishes, Guest, from the UORealms Family ❄️

    The festive season brings joy but also its share of challenges. In the midst of these bustling times, it's important to remember to care for ourselves. Even in a world of epic quests, the journey of self-care matters.

    Whether you're facing dragons or deadlines, taking a moment to breathe and relax is crucial. Remember, it's perfectly okay to step back for a bit of peace or to seek support when the need arises.

    In our realm, every member is valued, and we stand together in both celebration and support. So, as we traverse these lands, let's keep an eye out for one another.

    💖 Visit Our Community Care Resources 💖

UORealms Retro Gaming BBS

Come play the games that started it all. Enjoy original multi-player text adventures, MUDs, and more from our ever-expanding catalog.
The BBS performs system maintenance daily at 12PM & 3AM EDT which takes approximately fifteen minutes.

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