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V Rising is an open-world game divided into five biomes, where players control a newly awakened vampire. Players gather materials, upgrade equipment, and build a castle as their home. Defeating bosses unlocks advanced materials and equipment. Players need to consume blood regularly to survive and avoid hazards like sunlight.

Players can consume blood from enemy NPCs, with each NPC having a blood category and quality that provides specific benefits. Blood categories act like character classes; blood quality determines the benefits’ potency.

The game features a day-night cycle where prolonged exposure to sunlight causes damage, which stops when players move into shadows, roofed areas, or die. Garlic exposure similarly inflicts a negative status effect, increasing damage taken and reducing damage dealt.

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Action, RPG, Survival
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Server Settings

10 Level PvP Difference Restrictions Outside of Iron Mine/Silverlight/Cursed Forest/Gloomrot North/Red Rift Incursions
3.3x Crafting
3.3x Resources
Castle PvP – Weekdays 8-10PM Est
Castle PvP – Weekends 8-11 PM Est