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game overview

Paths of Virtue emphasizes immersion and role-playing, thoughtfully capturing the lore and atmosphere of the original Ultima single-player games, especially Ultimas IV and V. Designed to provide a player-driven, open, and persistent Ultima experience, it incorporates many features from the original series.

Utilizing a pre-AoS ruleset, the shard also boasts a class system inspired by the classic single-player Ultimas. Furthermore, the map is a customized version of the original Ultima Online map and includes a recreation of the Underworld from Ultima V.

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The World
Map: Slightly modified version of the original map of Britannia (one facet, Felucca), with new areas based on Ultima lore. Plans to release new, already completed, lore-based maps as the shard progresses.
Stats & Skills

Total Stat Cap: 225 for most professions, 245 for some

Max Individual Stat Cap: 100 (110 for a few professions)

Total Skill Cap: 800

Max Individual Skill Cap: 100

Max Individual Skill Cap Exception: Skill cap is raised by 10 points for one skill, determined by a character’s Guiding Virtue.

Classes & Races

Class System: Based on the original Virtue Professions of the single player Ultima games, with a few lore-inspired additions. Skill-based, no levels.

Player Races: Humans and Orcs.

Account Details
Allowed Number of Accounts: One
Number of Characters Per Account: Five